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          When talking about Thai labour working abroad in such places as Saudi Arabia, Libya, Hong Kong, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, it is well known that Thai workers are hardworking, patient and honest. No matter what kind of work they are offered, they never say "No!" When their contract is due for renewal, we frequently find employers asking them to continue working. A farewell party is often held when they eventually return home, showing that there is a deep and meaningful relationship between employer and employee. Sometimes, employers even fly to Thailand to visit the country from whence their labourers came.

           Many projects are carried out using Thai labour in foreign countries. They range from small projects to massive ventures costing billions of dollars like factory sites in Taiwan, construction works in Singapore, and, in Brunei, include expressway projects, airport construction, amusement parks and the like.

          Thai workers are well known as being highly patient and qualified and flexible enough to work in any situation. They can always do a good job for you, for example in an office, in a cargo department, at a construction site or in a factory. They can be trained easily and are able to pay close attention to their work. Therefore, they are ready to be placed anywhere worldwide, wherever you require them.

           The Thai government has policies to support Thai labour working overseas and promotes this job sector as it brings in valuable foreign currency in an appropriate manner. Therefore, you as an employer will receive wonderful support and benefits from our government as well.


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