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The first and only manpower recruitment company to receive ISO 9002 accreditation



Our skill-training programmes in carpentry, masonry, welding, construction work and mechanical engineering are just some of our commitments towards training workers and ensuring that they are correctly qualified to suit the employer's needs. Our training programme takes place in our spacious training centre in Ubon Ratchathani and workers are tested by prospective employers at our testing centre in Bangkok. The training programme is supervised by qualified and experienced instructors/trainers who are specialists in each of the individual fields.
Most of the tests are carried out according to the testing standards of the Department of Skills Development and are under the supervision of an examiner from A.B. Thai Commercial Labour Co. Ltd.
In the past, we experienced difficulties in communication between employers and employees. So, we now provide a training course for our trainees to lessen the problems. We are able to train our workers in English, Chinese and Japanese. In addition to the language training, we also introduce the culture, customs and norms of the prospective employer's country in order that our workers will be well prepared and able to adapt quickly to their new environment. All these actions are to prevent problems from arising in the future, leading to greater A.B. Thai client satisfaction.


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