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The first and only manpower recruitment company to receive ISO 9002 accreditation



A.B. Thai is recognised and trusted by many leading companies worldwide for its efficiency in screening the workmanship and skills of the labour force required for their projects. Look at these examples:

Other construction work that has been carried out using staff from A.B. Thai includes harbours, airports, etc., and the construction of factory sites in the production of cloth dyeing, aluminium, marble, iron, automobiles, cloth weaving, food, mirrors, plastic, metal, bicycles and others.

           Up to the present, we have sent more than 30,000 labourers abroad. Of this total, Taiwan is our major market, which has accounted for around 25,000 workers in all. The remainder of the people we have successfully trained have worked in such faraway places as Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Japan.

           Presently, A.B. Thai co-operates with agents in many countries such as Taiwan, Singapore and Brunei. We are now seeking further relationships with other countries, particularly manpower companies in Japan, the USA, the UK, Canada, France and others. If you are looking for a good, skilled worker, you should look for A.B. Thai.



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